About Me

What I do: I research, teach, and write on literature and citizenship. I’ve taught at York University and Toronto Metropolitan University (recently renamed). I’m curious about the way we talk about citizenship, how literature contributes to the vocabulary of (non)belonging, and what might need to change in how we express political, legal, and cultural affiliation.

What I also do: I write fiction and non-fiction. My short stories can be found in various publications, including SAND, Broken Pencil, and The Feathertale Review. My debut novel Vandal Confession was published in 2015 and translated into French in 2017.

What I also also do: I’m also an editor and work regularly with Latitude 46 Publishing.

What I’m working on now: I’m seeking a publisher for my dissertation, “The Rhetoric of Citizenship, Slavery, and Immigration: Fashioning a Language for Belonging in English Literature,” and preparing various essays for publication. I’m also working on a new novel and putting together new short stories.

Want to connect or collaborate? I’m always looking to discover and learn what other people are working on, teaching, or reading. Connect with me at ResearchGate or LinkedIn.