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Book Chapters

“Citizenship in Time: Temporality and Time-Reckoning in Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place.” Cultures of Citizenship in the 21st Century, edited by Mita Banerjee and Vanessa Evans. Germany: Transcript Verlag. (Forthcoming)

“The Laboring Body and the Slave Trade: An Enduring Narrative of Health and Illness.” Narrative Art and the Politics of Health, edited by Neil Brooks and Sarah Blanchette. London, UK: Anthem Press, 2021. (Buy)

Journal Articles

“Citizenship, Pain, and Disability in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.” Literature, vol. 2, no. 4, 2022, pp. 300-315. (Link)

“Ecologies of Anxiety: Terrorism, Metropolis, and Traumatic Earliness in the post-9/11 Novel.” Con Texte, vol. 3, 2022, pp. 12-23. (PDF)

“Clothing, Colonial Subjugation, and the Performance of Political Authority in Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe.” Fashion Studies, vol. 3, no. 2, 2022, pp. 1-22. (PDF)

“Is Poetry a Form of Ethical Evasion? Dickinson, Levinas, and Beyond the Dip of Bell.” Gnosis: Graduate Journal of Philosophy, vol. 19, no. 1, 2021, pp. 33-55. (Link)

“Laying Bare the Device: Bruce Andrews, Harryette Mullen, Bill O’Reilly and the Politics of Poetry.” The Minnesota Review, no. 96, 2021, pp. 82-100. (Link)

“Is Arrival Still Possible? Frances Burney’s The Wanderer and the New Cartography in the Long-18th Century.” Oxford Research in English, no. 11, 2020, pp. 23-42. (PDF)

“Can Isaac Forgive Abraham?” Journal of Religious Ethics, Vol. 45, no. 1, 2017, pp. 83-103. (HTML | Preprint)

Book Reviews

Citizenship, Literature and the Law, edited by Caroline Keogler, Jesper Reddig, and Klaus Stierstorfer (Review).” European Journal of American Studies. (Forthcoming)

Against the Map: The Politics of Geography in Eighteenth-Century Britain by Adam Sills (Review).” The Scriblerian (forthcoming).



Confession d’un Vandale. Translated from the English by Julie-Jeanne Roy. Montreal, QC: XYZ Editeur, 2017. (Buy) (French)

(Editor) Along the 46th. Sudbury, ON: Latitude 46 Publishing, 2015. (Buy) (English)

Vandal Confession. Vancouver, BC: NoN Publishing, 2015. (Buy) (English)

Short Stories

“Us Organizers.” The Feathertale Review, no. 17, 2016, pp. 32-39. (Buy)

“The Constellation of James.” SAND: Berlin’s English Literary Journal, no. 14, 2016, pp. 23-35. (Buy)

“The Russian.” Broken Pencil, no. 73, 2016, pp. 64-65. (Buy)